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Sleepin’ be one thing an’ dreamin’ be another. But when dreamin’ walks into yer wakin’ then that be something altogether diff’rent.


The Grumblelows are Mr. and Mrs. Grumblelow, daughter Eleanor and their mischievous son Keypya. They live very close to the sea, near a sheltered cove. Whatever Keypya's real name is, it is never used.


One night, Keypya is wide awake playing with his pet mice and collection of slimy things. Meanwhile, in the bedroom next door, Eleanor is dreaming about rubies and pearls and pieces of gold.


Her dream brings greedy treasure-seeking pirates to their home, putting Keypya’s life in danger…

Keypya and the Pirates book
Treasure chest
A treasure map
Skull & Crossbones
Pirate's Ship
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